Anna Hansen

About me:
I was born and raised in Fort Myers and I love it. I have worked at Studio rk since 2012. Studio rk is life! I have 2 dogs who are the best!
Redken Specialist, working on getting Redken Authority Certification, Balyage trained
I obviously love everything hair and Studio rk. When I’m not at the salon, I’m at church. I’m also a youth leader for middle and high schoolers. I also love going to the dog beach.
What I enjoy most about working at studio rk:
Studio rk is dedicated to creating the best and most current looks for our guests by providing us with constant continuing education. They also have a warm environment for us that you can feel when you walk in the door. I love being able to call Studio rk my family!
Favorite products:
Pureology Volumizing Style & Care, Redken Forceful hairspray, Redken Wind blown, Pureology Smoothing Style and Care is great for taming frizz
Service philosophy:
Making people feel beautiful inside and out!
Friends who know me, know that I….
Am obsessed with Jesus and dogs!


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