Olivia Rose

About me:
I’m proud to say that I am a Fort Myers native so of course, I’m a beach bum. My love for hair comes from my passion to help others to feel their best!
Studio rk has exceeded my expectations as far as education goes. From Ombré classes with Chiala Marvici to Redken Spealist classes
It’s sad to say my only interest is my job, but I really do love playing with hair! Ombré is is a specialty of mine.
What I enjoy most about working at studio rk:
I’m very much a goal minded person and here at Studio rk you’re constantly working on bettering yourself as a stylist as well as helping others!
Favorite products:
I love messy hair! Redken Wind blown is an amazing texture spray!
Service philosophy:
If it ain’t hair, I don’t care!
Friends who know me know that I….
Become very passionate about anything I do!


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