Ashley Marks

About me:
I’m originally from Southwest Florida. I’ve been working for Studio RK Salon for 4 ½ years. Within the time I’ve been a part of the salon family I’ve moved from Support Staff to Salon Coordinator. When I’m not busy with work and school, I’m usually spending time with my friends and family!
I will be graduating nursing school this December 2017. Although I will have my license as a registered nurse I will be continuing my journey at Studio RK Salon, my dream job!
Traveling, beach days, and shopping (obviously!).
What I most enjoy about being a Studio RK Team Member:
I love the bond among the Studio RK girls! We are one big family and we all share the same passion and goals in life.
Favorite products:
I love, love, love Redken’s Windblown, and Pillow Proof dry shampoo. This combo gives life to your hair with any hairstyle you are going for!
Random fact about me:
I’m a natural redhead, in all my years working at Studio RK I’ve never colored my hair.
Service philosophy:
The golden rule is to treat people as you would want to be treated. I feel this coincides with our goal in providing the best customer service. We want our guests to experience our Studio RK culture first hand.
Friends who know me know that…:
I am forever a Blink 182 fan!