A Florida Girl’s Guide To Hair Care In Summertime

Living in the Sunshine State comes with its perks, but it also means exposing your hair to harsh elements like the sun’s rays, chlorinated pool water, and chlorine damage. You’ve got your sunproof skincare routine down, and now it’s time to master the summertime hair survival routine. Here are our pro tips on how to protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, chlorinated water, and other pool chemicals in Florida.

Say No To Chlorine On Dry Hair:

Summer Hair Care in Florida

The first step in finding your ideal hair color is to understand your skin’s undertones. Skin undertones are categorized into three types: cool, warm, and neutral.
Chlorine strips away natural oils, leaving hair dry and brittle. Prolonged exposure can roughen the hair cuticle, leading to chlorine-dam

aged hair and discoloration, especially noticeable in lighter hair. Wetting hair before swimming can is a game changer in protecting hair from chlorine and creating a barrier. After swimming, rinse thoroughly and use a clarifying shampoo to protect hair against chlorine. Hydrating with a deep conditioner is essential to replenish moisture and restore hair health. Natural remedies like apple cider vinegar or green tea rinses can also help neutralize chlorine. With proactive care, you can enjoy swimming without risking green hair from chlorine.

For those battling dry hair, Studio RK Salon showcases a curated selection of products from renowned lines such as Redken, Pureology, and Kerastase. Each product is meticulously chosen for its hydrating and restorative benefits, promising to breathe life back into parched locks. Their commitment to quality ensures that every recommendation offers the best in nourishment and strength for dry hair.

Wash That Salt Water Out!:

What does salt water do to your hair? Saltwater can have detrimental effects, leaving it dry and damaged. When you swim in the ocean, the saltwater strips away natural oils, resulting in dry hair prone to breakage and split ends. Additionally, salt causes the hair cuticle to swell, leading to frizz and unmanageability. Protect hair against salt water by applying a protective hair serum or leave-in conditioner before swimming to create a barrier. Rinse hair thoroughly with fresh water post-swim and use hydrating shampoo and conditioner to restore moisture. Incorporate a deep conditioning treatment to repair salt water damaged hair.

For washing out salt water, consider products from alternative lines that focus on hydration and cleanliness, like Aveda’s Nutriplenish Shampoo for deep moisture, Joico’s Moisture Recovery Shampoo for intense hydration, and Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Foam Wash Shampoo designed to cleanse while adding body without drying out the hair. Each of these products is formulated to effectively remove salt build-up and replenish moisture lost to salt water exposure, leaving hair soft, revitalized, and ready for any adventure.

Sun Damage Isn’t Just For Skin:

Salty Water Hair Care

Exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to sun damage on hair, resulting in sun-damaged hair that appears dry and brittle. The UV rays from the sun penetrate the hair cuticle, causing oxidative stress and protein degradation, which can weaken the hair shaft and lead to breakage and split ends. Using hair sunscreen or wearing a hat outdoors for prolonged periods is essential to protect hair from sun damage. Additionally, incorporating protective hair care products such as leave-in conditioners or hair masks with UV protection can help shield hair from harmful UV rays. After sun exposure, replenish moisture with hydrating shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for sun-damaged hair. By using the best products for sun-damaged hair and taking preventative measures, you can maintain healthy and resilient locks even under the blazing sun.

For additional protection against sun damage, consider products with UV filters and antioxidants. Kerastase Soleil range, Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, and Redken’s Color Extend Sun products are specifically designed to protect hair from UV damage, offer hydration, and repair sun-damaged hair. These products provide a shield against the sun’s harmful rays while nourishing and strengthening hair fibers. Always look for items that mention UV protection, hydration, and repair in their benefits for the best care post-sun exposure.

Establish Your Hair Care Routine:

Maintaining beautiful hair in the Florida sun requires diligence and care, but with the right tips and techniques, you can keep your locks looking radiant all year round. Remember to shield your strands from sun damage and chlorine damage, hydrate regularly, rinse after swimming, opt for protective hairstyles, limit heat styling, and schedule regular trims to keep your hair healthy. By following these hair care tips, you can enjoy the sunny Florida weather without compromising the health and beauty of your hair.

Elevate your hair care routine with Studio RK Salon! In the Florida sun, maintaining beautiful locks demands diligence and care. Our expert stylists provide personalized tips to shield your strands from sun and chlorine damage, ensuring your hair stays healthy and radiant. From hydration to protective styles, we’ve got you covered. Book your appointment today and embrace sun-ready hair that shines all year round, courtesy of Studio RK Salon.
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