How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone can transform your appearance, accentuating your natural beauty and giving you a radiant, youthful glow. However, with the plethora of hair colors and shades available, choosing the right hair color that compliments your skin tone can be daunting. This guide offers expert advice when working with your stylist to create a custom color and highlight that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

Understand Your Skin’s Undertones

The first step in finding your ideal hair color is to understand your skin’s undertones. Skin undertones are categorized into three types: cool, warm, and neutral.

  • Cool undertones are characterized by pink, red, or bluish hues in the skin. If you have a cool skin tone, opt for cool hair colors like cool shades of blonde, ash brown, or rich chocolate brown that can complement the blue undertones in your skin. The best hair color for a cool skin tone enhances your natural coolness with elegance.
  • Warm undertones are identified by peach, yellow, or golden hues. Individuals with warm skin tones benefit from warm toned hair colors such as golden blonde, strawberry blonde, or reddish brown, which harmonize with the golden undertones of their skin. Thus, the best hair color for a warm skin tone is one that radiates warmth to match your inherent glow.
  • Neutral undertones have a mix of both warm and cool hues, allowing for greater flexibility in choosing a hair color. Neutral skin tones can experiment with a wide range of colors, from chestnut brown to mocha brown, finding a natural shade that enhances their neutral complexion.

Matching Hair Color to Skin Tone

  • Fair skin: For those with fair or pale skin, lighter hair colors can complement your delicate complexion. Consider shades like platinum blonde or silver if you have cool undertones, or a warm shade like golden brown for warm undertones.
  • Medium skin: Individuals with medium skin can opt for hair color shades that add warmth and depth. Golden brown, honey blondes, and warm reds are excellent choices for adding a warm hue to your look.
  • Olive skin tone: For those with an olive skin tone, hair colors with neutral or warm undertones like dark chocolate or dark auburn can highlight your skin’s natural warmth.
  • Darker skin tones: Rich, deep colors like dark chocolate, ebony, or cool toned burgundy enhance the natural beauty of darker skin. Cool undertones work well with cool hair colors to create a stunning contrast.

Consider Your Natural Color and Lifestyle

When selecting a hair color, consider your hair’s natural base color and how much maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Color treated hair may require more care, including regular touch-ups and using products like purple shampoo to maintain cool tones.


Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone involves understanding your skin’s undertones and experimenting with hair color shades that enhance your natural color and skin coloring. Using professional products that your stylist recommends is so important to retain color and hair health. Studio RK Salon will price match products from Ulta and Sephora, and our products are often on sale. Sign up for emails and texts for sales and new product alerts.

Ready to discover what hair color is best for you? Book your personalized hair color consultation at Studio RK Salon today and let our experts guide you to your perfect shade, ensuring that you leave with the best hair color tailored just for you. Visit our website or call us to schedule your consultation and embark on your journey to the perfect hair color!

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